Goals, Resolutions And 2017

new beginnings.jpg

I got my “aha” moment some time ago.

On my way to work, I listened to a podcast about goals and resolutions. According to the podcast presenter, the 2017 mindset meant ditching the idea of making resolutions and setting practical, realistic goals.

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Christmas Detour In NOLA


Hi BB-8!!

I am not a Star Wars fan but I absolutely love JJ Abrams. If you have not had the chance get your pals, grab a bucket of popcorn and head to the movies. It is amazing! BB-8 is my new best friend. Rey’s character is a lesson on how to write a proper script for a female character.

Oh The Force Is Awakening, chile!! (speaking in my Louisiana voice)

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Merry Christmas! Peek At My Christmas List!

Merry Christmas friends! I was wondering what my Christmas Wish List would be for 2015. So I decided to create this Christmas themed graphic with the top wishes for this year. Here’s to a season of comfort and joy for you and your loved ones. Peek at my Christmas list and let me know your Christmas wishlist! Love and Peace to you! Continue reading “Merry Christmas! Peek At My Christmas List!”